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Inspired by the 90s

Hello friends and family.

Earlier this summer my mother and I went thrift shopping in Lillyhammer. I found a beautiful floral button down dress that sadly did not fit as I am far from a szL. My mother saw the dress and immediately decided decided to buy the dress. She let me borrow the dress so that I could draft a pattern based of it.

The time from drafting the pattern to having a finished dress was about three days, so this has certainly been one of my quicker projects.  Originally the 90s dress my mother bought had gathers in the front bodice instead of darts. I found that gathers in the front wasn’t doing my body any favours so I ditched the original design a bit and ended up using a lil bit more fabric than anticipated.

The dress features a open triangle peephole kind of back, v-neck, waist yoke, button down front and bias binding finish.

I’m already playing around with the thought of making another one as I really loved the fit and flare of this dress

I used 3m of my linen curtain stash, which was also originally red. I tried dying it black using herdins, but ended up with a dark brown due to the red undertones. I wore this dress as much as I could in Crete, as it is light weight and comfortable to wear.

photojournal, sewing

Linen curtains // Greece

Recently my method of getting large quantities of fabric without ending up with a dusty wallet, has been curtains. I purchase them at sales and rip up all the seams. doing this I’ve ended up with 20m of linen fabric. It would have been a lot cheaper had I not decided to remove the original dye, only to re-dye the fabric.

Originally I wanted this garment to be a  double breasted dress, but I ended up hating the finished result. After a few adjustments, the dress has become a wardrobe favorite and it became essential in the hot Grecian weather. I found it more comfortable than my silk garments.


My dude and I spent a week in Greece, it took me seven years and some bribes and a pinch of blackmail to get him into a plane. The funny part is he actually enjoyed it and now wants to travel the world. it was my first time in the mainland and his first time in Greece. He instantly fell in love and every meal he tasted was the best he ever had. Being the explorer he is, the vacation wasn’t always as relax as I hoped for. But it was filled with discovering «secret» places.