My name is Sunniva, I’m a fat, 24 year old woman, who loves fashion, crafts, nature and dogs.

I reside in a small town in Norway (all towns are small in Norway, even the big ones), with my dog, cat and manfriend. I started sewing in «high school» when I had to choose between hairdressing, interior or textiles as my «major» initially I didn’t have any interest in either of the options. At first I hated sewing the needles would stop breaking, I didn’t understand what was going on most of the time, was a slow learner and I didn’t care for the assignments. It wasn’t until midterm second year that I  started to like sewing and realised that I was actually good at it, and ended up getting a B on my final exam. Fast forward a couple of years and I began as a tailors apprentice and even participated in sewing nationals.