gone, but here

Hello friends and family.

I’ve been having a difficult sewing year, ever since making the «heart» dress. My beloved pfaff 360 said good night, and my new sewing machine had to go to the repair shop after two months. One would think I was giving my machines a really hard time, but I guess it’s just bad luck.

Although I haven’t sewn anything I’m proud of I’m still going to take some pictures and show them. It’s time to start blogging again, even if I sew something I don’t like, or something I use forever to finish. Sewing is difficult, esp when stressed. I tend to forget everything  when I’m stressed and end up making time consuming mistakes, which leads to sewing death. These past weeks I’ve been working with silk and linen, and I’ve come to REALLY disliking silk. Why won’t it lay the way I want it to? No wonder it’s exclusive…

To buy my new sewing machine I had to sell some clothes, ok, a lot of clothes. And without thinking I sold all of my summer clothes, which is unfortunate given I’ll be going to Greece in two weeks so these past days I’ve been working like a horse to sew some easy breeze clothes. I’ve forgotten all about a good working position which has taken it’s toll on my back. I’ll try to sit up more straight tomorrow.


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